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Thursday, 18 December 2014

Jewish Culture and Cognitive Partitioning

Gilad Atzmon Interviewed by E&R

E&R: In recent conferences with Alain Soral in Lyon and in Théâtre de la Main d'Or, you reflected on The Bell Curve, a book written by Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray. The book suggests that contemporary society is partitioned by cognitive ability. And for the obvious reasons, "Cognitive Elite" is most likely to get key cultural and political positions in society.
- To what extent can you explain the evolution of society during the past decades in the light of The Bell Curve?

Gilad Atzmon: It is indeed devastating to admit the prophetic qualities of Herrnstein’s study from the 1990’s in the context of the categorical cognitive portioning we witness in society around us. Due to some technological developments such as automation and computing and also, rapid evolvement of global capitalism, we have been seeing a vast decrease in the need for unskilled labour. At the same time, the demand for highly skilled professional and intellectually able people have been rising sharply and constantly.

This shift in society introduced a devastating social, economical, demographic and geographic partition between the able and the less able.  It is not anymore a  division between rich and poor or between the proletariat and the capital.  It is instead, a cognitive division that is widening up. Those who used to be the working class are now workless class, or ‘under class’ – at least, this is how sociologists prefer to call them. The new order created a clear demographic urban divide between the deprived, or shall we say less bright and the isolated quarters of the gifted few. This strict order is maintained by growing policing force that is becoming more and more brutal as we see in the USA at the moment.

We are dealing with a ticking bomb. However, Herenstein was clever to point out that being less bright, is in most case due to act of birth. An ethical society must create the necessary conditions that would allow the less bright to sustain life in dignified condition. I cannot see how such conditions can materialized in a globalized market. What we need and urgently, is to reinstate manufacturing.

E&R: Is there an intrinsic link between the above evolution and the transformation of western society into a Jewish ghetto?

Gilad Atzmon: In Lyon and in Paris I explored the Jewish European’s practice that led to the development of  a unique Jewish cognitive elite. For more than 1500 years European Jewish merchants married their daughters to young rabbinical protégées. This unique setting led to the emergence of a sophisticated Jewish elite that excelled in money and scholarship and centered largely in central Europe.

Strictly speaking Jews have been practicing cognitive partitioning for 1450 years before the West was introduced to the concept. It is hardly surprising that Jewish elite performs well within such conditions. But it is hardly a surprise that Heresntein, himself a Jew, was the one who produce the necessary social theory. It is more than likely that Herenstein himself, a superb scholar was a product of cognitive partitioning.

E&R: Many 18th and 19th century authors  (Augustin Barruel, John Robison, Maurice Talmeyr, etc…) pointed out the key role of Free Masonry and the Illuminati of Baviere in European revolutions and specifically the French revolution. Other authors like Pierre Hillard explain that Free Masonry is but an extension of The Synagogue in order to replace Goyim religions with a single Noahidic religion along with the establishment of a single World wide government. What do you think about this thesis?

Gilad Atzmon: I am not an historian and far from being an expert on Free Masons. However, there is no doubt that Jewish ID politics, Global Zionism, Neo-conservatism, Free Market and also Bolshevism are united in their attempt to impose a structured pseudo universal value systems in an attempt to set a phantasmic global rational that, always happens to serve some dark tribal interests. Whether, we burn Catholic churches in the name of the ‘Working Class Revolution’ and ‘anti Fascism’ (Spain 1936) or leave Iraq with almost 2 million dead in the name of ‘Moral Interventionism.’ The genocide is always justified by a ‘rational’ argument that that is shaped as a ‘human call.’

Noahisim is realized as a global call to accept monotheism and the seven laws of Noah. As such, the opposition to Noahisim should be realized as an Athenian necessary assault on  Jerusalem. The Athenian is the realization of the ethical as a moral judgment as opposed to the Jerusalemite ‘rule of law.’ For the Athenian, the moral shouldn’t be imposed by law for humanity is the ability to reach at the ethical by means of judgment and creativity. The Jerusalemite, on the other hand,  replaces the judgment with commandments and Mitzvoth i.e. restrictions and obedience. The Jerusalemite and the Noahist demand compliance, a regulated discourse that are subscribed to a given set of restrictions. We can already see an affinity between the Jerusalem/Noahism mode of thinking and the cultural Marxist fascination with correctness. The reason is obvious, Cultural Marxism, the dominant Left school of thought since the 1960’s is an extension of Jerusalem that led to the tragic ghettoization of the West. I guess that time is ripe for liberation.

E&R:  In the history of the 20th century Zionist movement, it's rarely mentioned that when the British government proposed to the World Zionist Congress and Theodor Herzl the possible establishment of a Jewish settlement in Uganda, it was East European Zionists and Haïm Weizmann who lobbied restlessly against the offer. They pushed for the Jewish National Home to be established  in Palestine. Do you think that it suggests that contrary to the idea of a secular Jewish movement, Zionism is rooted in a literal interpretation of the Torah and Talmud?

Gilad Atzmon: The idea of Jewish secularism is in itself very problematic. As you may know, I argue that Judaism is only one Jewish religion amongst many. To be a Jew is to be able to transform different ideas into a Jewish religion. Enough was written about Holocaust being the most popular Jewish Religion. The Israeli philosopher Yeshayahu Leibowitz commented in the 1970s that Jews believe in many different things but all Jews believe in the Holocaust. However, in the 20th century alone we saw Communism, Egotism, Moral Interventionism, Zionism, ‘Anti’ all being celebrated as ‘Jewish secular’ and ‘universal’ religions.

What makes an idea into a Jewish religion then? The ability to facilitate a strong sense of choseness.

Now we are ready to tackle your question. Zionism, in its early days was a ‘Jewish secular anti Jewish’ movement. It promised to transform the Diaspora Jew into  a civilized being by means of ‘homecoming.’  Detesting the Diaspora Jewish identity, Zionism attempted to drift away from the Rabbinical attitude, it distanced itself from the Talmud and made the Hebrew Bible  into the forming text of the new Israelite. It basically made the Torah into a ‘land deed’ and God into an ‘estate agent.’

The Jews who followed Zionism at the time were partially naïve or idealists, however, there is no doubt that Zionism failed in its mission. The newly born Hebraic Jew has very little to contribute to the notion of civilization. Zionism failed completely in its attempt to drift away from the Jew. Why? Because Zionism was, after all a Jewish exclusive movement, it was tribal, racist and supremacist. It made the Jew celebrate choseness. It had all the necessary ingredients needed to establish a new Jewish religion. And here is a small fascinating anecdote. When Zionism was anti Jewish, it was a marginal movement, but as it became more and more Jewish, its popularity rose, it eventually became the  voice of world Jewry.

E&R:  You recently worked with Pink Floyd, you are featured on their new album The Endless River, tell us about it?

Gilad Atzmon: I was obviously honored to be called in for that session. Pink Floyd is what I listened to when I was at the age of my son. My son is 14 and whenever I pass near to his room I can hear the The Dark Side Of The Moon. Pink Floyd is still a unique radical voice, it sounds fresh and it appeals to young music lovers. There must be an eternal quality in the band’s epic simplicity.   Pink Floyd introduced a new aesthetics that shaped every active musician on this planet since the late 1960’s. To a certain extent, recording with the band closed a circle in my life. It was a home coning.

But I must also mention that my engagement with the band  was very limited in terms of time. It was only one session probably 3-4 hours. It was totally amazing to watch how David Gilmour works, how he hears things, his attention to details,  how much involve he is in the production of every note. I  was very lucky to experience  such a musical encounter.

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Europe, like Palestine and most other places, is subjected to a brutal Jewish occupation

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Palestinian woman who stabbed Israeli settler was defending herself: official

Palestine: I Take Justice into My Own Hands

Published Wednesday, December 17, 2014

A Palestinian woman suspected of stabbing an Israeli settler on December 1 was defending herself after being harassed by the man, a Palestinian official claimed Tuesday.

Amal Jamal Taqatqa, 22, was shot and critically wounded by soldiers near Gush Etzion on December 1 after allegedly stabbing an Israeli settler.

The director of Bethlehem's military liaison department told Ma'an news agency that officials requested an investigation into the shooting, but that it has been delayed due to the political atmosphere.

"Is it reasonable that 46 surveillance cameras in Gush Etzion settlement bloc have failed to document what really happened between Amal Taqatqa, 22, from Beit Fajjar and an Israeli settler who claimed that she attempted to stab him?" Khaled Qaddura said.

Taqatqa reportedly engaged in a hand-to-hand fight with the settler after he verbally abused her, causing a minor scratch to the settler's neck, Qaddura said.

"At that point, the settlers asked an Israeli soldier who was in the area to shoot the girl, and the soldier immediately shot her in the chest. The girl fell to the ground then tried to get up and run away, but the soldier shot her again in the feet causing her to fall down again then he approached her and shot a last round," the official added.

Taqatqa is still receiving medical treatment at Hadassah hospital and is in a stable condition.
Qaddura slammed Israel’s labeling of Taqarqa as a “terrorist”, noting that the term “terrorism” is used automatically when Israelis – whether civilians or soldiers – is injured.
He urged Palestinians who witness such incidents to film them or record the registration number of the military vehicles involved.

Unrest has gripped Jerusalem and the West Bank on an almost daily basis for the past five months, flaring up after a group of Zionist settlers kidnapped and burned a young Palestinian to death because of his ethnicity, and worsened by the deadly Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip in July and August.

(Ma’an, Al-Akhbar)


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In Details...."Israeli" Coordination with Syrian Opposition

Local Editor

In Details....

Source: Al-Ahed news

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Majority of Russians support Putin: Poll

Press Tv  (Video)

Thu Dec 18, 2014 8:22AM GMT

A recent opinion poll shows that support for Russian President Vladimir Putin has not declined despite economic difficulties and US sanctions against the country.

The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research poll suggests that more than 80 percent of the country’s people still support the Russian leader.
In the poll, which was conducted between November 22 and December 7, about 81 percent said they strongly or somewhat approved of Putin’s performance as president.

This shows an increase of more than 20 percentage points since an AP-GFK poll back in 2012.

An opinion poll conducted by the independent Russian pollster Levada Center during the same time period recorded a 74-percent approval rate for the 62-year-old president.
Analysts say Putin is seen by his people as being the savior of the nation.

He is expected to address the country later on Thursday.

This comes as Russia has been hit with sanctions by the US and the European Union (EU), which have been accusing Moscow of playing a role in the ongoing crisis in eastern Ukraine.
The West accuses Moscow of supporting pro-Russia forces in east Ukraine, saying the alleged Russian intervention poses a security threat to Ukraine and all other neighboring states. Russia has strongly denied the allegations.

Support for Putin remains high despite a gradual fall in the Russian ruble against the US dollar.

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The Torture Report and the End of US Exceptionalism

It could be fortuitous or just another example of the utter contempt for international sensibilities that just a day before International Human Rights Day, the U.S. Senate released, its long suppressed report on the systematic violations of the human rights of hundreds of people it captured and tortured as part of its ‘war on terror’. However, in light of the behavior of the U.S. government since 9/11, I suspect that government officials did not consider the timing of the report. Especially since the limited summary of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) report on the torture methods employed by the Bush Administration did not suggest an end to the impunity of government officials involved in the illegal program, but a continuation of it.
The fact that top officials in the Obama Administration and the leadership of the democratically-controlled Senate were aware of the criminal acts being perpetrated yet chose to prevent the release of the report and not prosecute officials responsible for those acts, demonstrates a bi-partisan cover-up and contempt for the law.
It is important to note that the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is not a rogue operation. The actions it took were in response to directives from Bush officials to produce “actionable” intelligence, like the “intelligence” it was under pressure to produce to justify attacking Iraq. That is the role the CIA plays in service of the Executive Branch, the branch of the U.S. Government most responsible for advancing the interests of the capitalist class as a whole.
With that mandate, the Obama Administration was an active collaborator in a bi-partisan effort to cover up these crimes. We know this for this simple reason: although members of Congress and the Justice Department were in possession of evidence that human rights violations and transgressions of U.S. law had taken place, the only government officials who were prosecuted were those who brought information about governmental criminality to the attention of the public.
The bi-partisan claim that national security trumps U.S. and international law and all standards of human decency was the rationale that drove the decision by the Obama Administration to close out investigations into criminal activity during the Bush period.
Waterboarding, anal rape with a feeding tube, beatings, sleep deprivation, mock executions – these acts were all carried out on people who were ‘disappeared’ from their communities, families and nations with no regard for rights and humanity. Yet attempts by victims and their families to secure accountability and reparations for their abuse were systematically blocked by officials in the Obama Administration on the grounds of ”national security.”
That is why the sanctimonious posturing by Democrat members of the Senate Committee who are pretending to be outraged by the findings of the report is particularly galling in light of the fact that the conspiracy to cover up these crimes involved both parties. And the crimes continue. The Obama Administration continues to contract out torture through the program of “extraordinary rendition” that is buttressed with state murder in the form of its drone kill program. The criteria for who lives and dies on Pres. Obama’s ‘Tuesday morning kill list’ remain a mystery – though Attorney General Eric Holder ‘assures’ us that U.S. citizens are given their “due process” before the U.S. Government murders them.
U.S. officials don’t operate from the same set of standards as other states. As Pres. Obama repeats, over and over again, the U.S. is “exceptional.” And indeed it appears so. Successive administrations have engaged in the most egregious human rights abuses imaginable – illegal wars that kill hundreds of thousands, torture, arming of terrorists, overthrowing of governments, incarcerating more of its citizens than any other state on earth – yet still claims to be the world’s leader of human rights.
Today, the entire country – and the world – is being confronted with the glaring evidence of the systematic violation of the human rights of working class and poor black, Latinos and whites by a brutal and militarized police apparatus in the U.S. and the extent of torture perpetrated by agents of the U.S. government, with the approval of its elected ‘leaders’. I hope that on this Human Rights Day, the people of the world finally reject once and for all the lie that is U.S. exceptionalism.

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