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Saturday, 30 August 2014

How Meshaal sold out triumph and sacrifices of Gaza to Qatar and Turkey?

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“Russian tanks” sold by Hungary to Ukraine

A vigilant reader sent in the following photos, which were made in Nyíregyháza railway station on August 2. According to the information provided on the trains headed Záhony, which crossed the state border to the Ukraine. The photo is interesting that these T-72 ever for the average stock of Hungarian Army tanks are visible.
Hídfő.net | scrap sold for the price of army tanks on the way to civil war in Ukraine
Hídfő.net | scrap sold for the price of army tanks on the way to civil war in Ukraine
Hídfő.net | Nyíregyháza railway station
Since the outbreak of the Hungarian Armed Forces of Ukraine crisis means selling stocks extracted from HM EI Inc.. (Ministry of Defence Electronics, Logistics and Asset Management Company Private Limited), two applications have been announced for T-72 battle wagons. From March 2014 to the first year could be applied, it is 58 pieces, mainly produced in Belarus harcjárműre concerned. This tender was founded in October 2013 – allegedly held by individuals Czech – Company, Ltd. won the Excalibur Defense. The second tender offer was made in July 2014, and by August it had already been criticized. This is the above-named company won, which appears in the list of registered firms licensed to practice in military technology trade also.
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Friday, 29 August 2014

Obama Blames Russia for Ukraine Unrest! Fails to Mention His Overthrow of Kiev!

The USA knew what they were doing in installing the fascists in Kiev, it was intended to hurt not only Russia but also the EU

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By Gilad Atzmon

The Spanish fashion chain Zara has apologised after a children's pyjama sparked an international outcry and accusations of anti-Semitism for its resemblance to the striped uniforms Jewish concentration camp inmates were forced to wear during the Holocaust.

The shirt, produced in Turkey, was available in Zara’s Israeli, French, Albanian and Swedish online stores but has since been recalled from the chain’s stores and removed from its website.

I have learned this morning that that in a desperate attempt to save its stock of Holocaust Pyjamas, Zara considers sticking a Palestinian flag over the Yellow Star. Such a move would defy the antisemitic allegation. It may even point at a completely different holocaust that has lasted for more than six decades and has been perpetrated by the Jewish State in the name of the Jewish people.

I will certainly buy one.

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Syrian Army Kills Large Number of ISIL Commanders in Deir Ezour

Local Editor

Syrian Army
The Syrian army killed large number of ISIL commanders, including a dissident officer, called "Sukkar Abu Nidal al-Ahmad", as its troops targeted the militant strongholds in the city of Muhasan in Deir Ezour.

The Syrian army targeted an ISIL training camps in Raqqa, killing a large number of the group's terrorists.

Military sources told Al-Manar that fierce clashes erupted between the Syrian army and the terrorist groups in the vicinity of Quneitra crossing, a day after Nusra Front announced that its militants controlled it.

The sources asserted that the Syrian army regained al-Jayah village in Quneitra countryside.

Media reports stressed that Nusra militants detained members of the UN Force in Quneitra countryside and besieged their garrisons.

The Syrian state-run news agency SANA reported that the army operations against terrorist organizations continued on Thursday in full swing, resulting in the death of increasing numbers of terrorists, including non-Syrian terrorists, and the destruction many of their vehicles, some equipped with heavy machine guns.

Source: Al-Manar Website
28-08-2014 - 14:41 Last updated 29-08-2014 - 00:10

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Unbelievable barbarism & sadism from the USA armed terrorists in Syria

A photograph in an ISIS publication purports to show two men accused of theft under shari’a, about to be executed in an ISIS-controlled area of Aleppo province in Syria. (Photo: Islamic State News)
( – The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant commonly carries out public executions in its Syrian stronghold on Fridays, forcing children to watch as victims are beheaded or shot at close range. Corpses are then displayed on crucifixes and decapitated heads exhibited on sticks for days afterwards.
The gruesome details are recorded in a new report released Wednesday by a U.N.-appointed independent panel investigating the Syrian conflict, now being described as “the world’s worst humanitarian catastrophe.”
Amputations, the stoning to death of women by “ISIS-sanctioned” mobs, lashings with cables, and the recruitment of children as young as 10 to fight are among other abuses committed by ISIS, said the report, which is based on almost 500 interviews and documentary material, and focuses on the six-month period up to Jul. 15.
It also documented rights violations by the Assad regime, including murder, rape, torture, and the dropping of “barrel bombs” containing chlorine gas on civilian areas on at least eight separate occasions last April.
“Executions in public spaces have become a common spectacle on Fridays in Ar Raqqah and ISIS-controlled areas of Aleppo governorate,” the report stated, saying ISIS did this publicly to instill terror and ensure submission to its authority.
Victims, whose “crimes” are recited aloud before the killing, are accused of violating ISIS laws, affiliating with other groups, including the mainstream opposition Syrian National Coalition, or spying for the regime.
“ISIS justifies its executions by religious law,” it said.
Paulo PinheiroPaulo Pinheiro, chairman of the independent commission of inquiry on Syria. (UN Photo/Violaine Martin)
The executions are carried out in public, and the victims’ remains displayed afterwards, to create “an atmosphere of fear and terror,” the panel chairman, Brazilian lawyer Paulo Sergio Pinheiro, said at the report’s release in Geneva.
“ISIS poses a clear and present danger to civilians, and particularly minorities, under its control in Syria and in the region,” he said.
Raqqa is the center of ISIS-held territory in Syria and the self-proclaimed capital of the “caliphate” it declared in areas it controls in Syria and Iraq last June.
The panel’s report said that since declaring the caliphate, ISIS has succeeded in “attracting more experienced and ideologically motivated foreign fighters.”
ISIS enforces strict shari’a-based laws in Raqqa, and the report cited numerous cases of women being beaten for being “improperly dressed,” such as appearing in public with face uncovered.
“In some cases, victims were tied to a wooden board or crucifix and displayed publicly in the squares before being lashed.”
ISIS rule affected everything from freedom of movement to personal piety, with reports of men being flogged for not fasting during Ramadan.
“The imposition of a strict interpretation of shari’a law previously unseen in the Syrian Arab Republic, setting out regulations on all aspects of life from food to movement, employment and religious observance, has restricted basic freedoms, particularly for women.”
“ISIS inflicts severe physical or mental pain or suffering on civilian populations in areas under its control, as part of a widespread and systematic attack on the civilian population. There has been a rise in torture and the cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment of the civilian population in Ar Raqqah governorate.”
‘None of the ISIS fighters spoke Arabic’
Other abuses, which the panel said amount in some cases to crimes against humanity and war crimes, include the forced displacement of civilians.
In one such incident, ISIS fighters entering a village last March announced from the mosque minaret that all Kurdish residents should leave within two days or be killed, sparking an exodus.
Another episode cited in the report provided glimpses into both ISIS’ brutality and sectarian hatred, and the confusion on the ground in the conflict zone.
ISIS fighters in May seized control of a traditionally Yazidi village in the country’s far north-east and, assuming the residents to be Yazidis, starting killing them. But the jihadists did not realize that the Yazidis had fled earlier, to be replaced by Syrian Sunnis who had been displaced by fighting elsewhere.
Facing certain death, and “desperate to show that they were Muslims,” the Sunni inhabitants began to cite verses from the Qur’an – but “none of the ISIS fighters spoke Arabic.”
According to the report, citing survivors of the massacre, about 15 people had been killed by the time one Iraqi ISIS fighter was able to alert his comrades to the fact that they were killing Sunnis, not Yazidis.
The panel also reported that parties in the conflict continue to seize hostages, often women and children. Some are later traded for captured fighters although in some cases no ransom demands are issued, and the whereabouts of many abducted people remain unknown.
Among those still missing are four human rights activists seized near Damascus last December; Italian Jesuit priest Paolo Dall’Oglio, who disappeared in ISIS-controlled Raqqa in July 2013; and Greek Orthodox Bishop Boulos Yazigi and Syriac Orthodox Archbishop Yohanna Ibrahim, abducted at gunpoint near Syria’s border with Turkey in April 2013.
“Dozens of journalists, both foreign and Syrian, remain in captivity, detained incommunicado because of their professional activities,” it said, noting that religious personnel and journalists enjoy specific protection under international humanitarian law.
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Syria: ISIS Rebels, Assisted by Israel, Jordan and the U.S., Detain UN Peacekeepers in Israeli-Occupied Golan Heights

Global Research, August 28, 2014

“Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Defence Minister Moshe Ya’alon next to a wounded mercenary, Israeli military field hospital at the occupied Golan Heights’ border with Syria, 18 February 2014″ (Jerusalem Post, February 19, 2014.For more see Michel Chossudovsky, “Justified Vengeance”, The Pretext for Bombing Gaza: Was the Netanyahu Government behind the Killings of the Three Israeli Teenagers?)
The United Nations says 43 of its peacekeepers have been detained by “armed elements” fighting in the Golan Heights, the Associated Press reports.
An additional 81 UN soldiers are “currently being restricted to their positions in the vicinity of Ar Ruwayhinah and Burayqah,” according to the office of UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
The “armed elements” in Syria consist almost exclusively of jihadist groups, most notably ISIS and al-Nusra. ISIS was trained by the United States and al-Nusra was armed by the CIA, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
On Wednesday ISIS and al-Nusra took control of the Quneitra crossing point at the demarcation line on the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. The action puts the al-Qaeda inspired groups within 200 yards of territory captured by Israel during the Six Day War in 1967.
DEBKAfile, an Israeli intelligence asset, reports the ISIS and al-Nusra effort to wrest control of the border area away from the Syrian army was assisted by by Israel, Jordan and the United States:
Israel acted as a member, along with the US and Jordan, of a support system for rebel groups [ISIS, al-Nusra] fighting in southern Syria. Their efforts are coordinated through a war-room which the Pentagon established last year near Amman. The US, Jordanian and Israeli officers manning the facility determine in consultation which rebel factions are provided with reinforcements from the special training camps run for Syrian rebels in Jordan, and which will receive arms.
In December, it was reported by The National that a secret command center in Jordan, staffed by western and Arab military officials, provides support to jihadist groups fighting on Syria’s southern front. The intelligence center “channels vehicles, sniper rifles, mortars, heavy machine guns, small arms and ammunition to Free Syrian Army units.”
Large numbers of fighters from the Free Syrian Army have defected to al-Nusra over the last year. “Fighters are heading to al-Nusra because of its Islamic doctrine, sincerity, good funding and advanced weapons,” Abu Islam of the FSA’s al-Tawhid brigade in Aleppo told The Guardian in May, 2013.
In June, al-Nusra and ISIS joined forces.
The same month Aaron Klein of WorldNetDaily reported U.S. instructors had trained members of ISIS in the Jordanian town of Safawi in the country’s northern desert region.

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Trained by CIA, ISIS Turns to Waterboarding Detainees

Inspired by CIA, ISIS Turns to Waterboarding Detainees

'They Knew Exactly How It Was Done'

by Jason Ditz, August 28, 2014
New information related to the treatment of ISIS detainees, including the recently executed journalist James Foley, show that the militants have subjected several to torture, or in the parlance of US officials, “enhanced interrogation techniques.”
Indeed, waterboarding seems to be a new tactic of ISIS, and several detainees including Foley were subjected to the simulated drowning tactic which was a favored tactic of the CIA.
“They knew exactly how it was done,” one person reported. It’s unsurprising, as no small number of ISIS fighters are former US detainees, and were doubtless waterboarded themselves in captivity.
For years, it was feared that the use of waterboarding by US forces put Americans abroad at risk of the same treatment. Now, it seems that fear it becoming practice, and when looking for an education on brutal treatment of detainees, ISIS found a perfect template in the US occupation they know all too well.

Last 5 posts by Jason Ditz

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The following is a video of my entire Conférence with the great Alain Soral at théâtre de la Main d’Or, Paris  (11 June 2014). 
It is hard to believe but this two and a half hours of deep philosophical discussion attracted more than 60,000 viewers in just two days.  
I guess that in spite of all the efforts made by Jewish progressives and cultural Marxists to murder Western intellectual spirit, curiosity has prevailed…
My English presentation starts at around  6:40


No Comments: Listen to the Bastard, Khalid Mishael, thanking the "brave" Amir of Qattar, Erdoghan, Tunis Marzouki, Kuwait, Oman, Malisya.............and Iran

 خالد مشعل من خندقه في فندق بخمسة نجوم في الدوحة عن الانتصار في العصف الماكول بغزة؟؟؟ 

بدون تعليق 

مشعل يكتفي بشكر قطر وتركيا وتونس.. ويتعرض للنقد

رئيس المكتب السياسي لحركة حماس وخلال المؤتمر الصحفي عبر عن شكره لكل من قطر وتركيا وتونس، وأشار إلى وقوف بعض الدول الأخرى كالسودان والكويت وعمان، على وقوفها إلى جانب غزة أثناء العدوان، وقال إن المسؤولين الإيرانيين اتصلوا به للتعبير عن وقوفهم إلى جانب المقاومة.
رئيس تحرير جريدة "رأي اليوم" الالكترونية عبد الباري عطوان علق في حديث للميادين على الشكر الذي قدمه خالد مشعل لبعض الدول على وقوفها إلى جانب غزة خلال العدوان فقال "هذه الدول لم تقدم أي شيء لغزة، وخالد مشعل أراد أن يجامل معظم الزعماء العرب"، وتابع "من كان مع قطاع غزة هم بالدرجة الأولى من زود القطاع بالسلاح والصواريخ".
وأضاف عطوان "كان على مشعل أن يشكر الدول التي زودت المقاومة بالصواريخ والأسلحة، ووقفت في خندقها لسنوات عديدة.. كنت أتمنى أن يذكر أن هندسة الصواريخ تعلمتها المقاومة الفلسطينية من حزب الله.. وأن يذكر أن الصاروخ الذي أطلقته المقاومة ووصل إلى حيفا بأنه صناعة سورية، وأننا تعلمنا هذه التكنولوجية من خلال بعثات ذهبت إلى إيران".
من جهته أستاذ العلوم السياسية بجامعة النجاح الدكتور عبد الستار قاسم علق على الشكر الذي وجهه مشعل للنظام الرسمي العربي بالقول "هذا الزمن ليس زمن المجاملات، ونحن دفعنا ثمن المجاملات"، سائلاً مشعل "ما هي الأنظمة العربية التي وقفت مع غزة والنضال الفلسطيني؟"، مضيفاً إن السيد مشعل أراد أن يتحدث ويجامل دبلوماسياً، ولكنه يعرف في قرارة نفسه أن هذه الأنظمة تعاونت  أمنياً مع إسرائيل في كثير من الأحيان".
المصدر: الميادين

من غزة المنتصرة عن البنيان المرصوص
القيادي في حركة الجهاد الإسلامي د.محمد الهندي

الجهاد وسرايا القدس في مهرجان النصر: مستعدون للمعركة المقبلة ونشكر من وقف مع المقاومة

وجّه القيادي في حركة الجهاد الإسلامي د.محمد الهندي التحية إلى شعب فلسطين الذي احتضن المقاومة والتحية لكتائب المقاومة الذين ثبتوا في الميادين وقدموا القادة الشهداء.
وقال الهندي في كلمة خلال مسيرة مسيرة حاشدة للجهاد احتفاءً بانتصار المقاومة بمعركة "البنيان المرصرص": غزة في الميدان تدافع عن كل معاني الحق في العالم وفشل العدو الذي استهدف تصفية قضية فلسطين. وقال: في فلسطين قررنا أن ندفع ثمن المعادلة الظالمة في العالم لأننا شعب حر. ولأننا نريد لشعبنا أن يتحرر قررنا أن نواجه العدوان الصهيوني
وقال: على المجتمع الدولي أن يخجل من جرائم الاحتلال خلال العدوان، مضيفاً أن: 86 بالمئة من الشهداء جراء العدوان من المدنيين وفقاً للأمم المتحدة، وأكد أن الاحتلال ليس له الحق في الدفاع عن النفس بل عليه أن ينهي احتلاله
وقال الهندي: نحن في الخندق الأول ندافع عن المنطقة من تغول "إسرائيل"، ومشكلتنا مع هذا العدو الذي يحتل أرضنا.
وفيما يتعلق بالتنسيق مع الاحتلال ومفاوضات السلطة قال: اليوم يتم تشييع أوسلو إلى مثواها الأخير التي دفنت تحت ركام غزة ولا حاجة لاستمرار الترتيب مع العدو، مؤكداً بأننا: بحاجة إلى وقف التنسيق الأمني مع العدو في الضفة الغربية حيث المعركة الحقيقية.
وفيما يتعلق بحجم جرائم الاحتلال بغزة قال الهندي: نحتاج إلى الانضمام إلى ميثاق روما من أجل محاكمة الاحتلال على جرائمه، وأنه: انكشفت حقيقة الاحتلال المتعطش للدم ولا يحق لهم بعد اليوم احتكار دور الضحية.
وقال الهندي: نقول للشعب الفلسطيني لقد حققتم انتصاراً ولأول مرة يستجدي الاحتلال الأمن في حيفا وتل أبيب، وأضاف: رغم الألم والمعاناة لم يسمع العالم منكم كلمة ضجر واحدة وأثبتنا للعالم أنه وبعد حصار 8 سنوات واجهنا تتار العصر.
وقال الهندي: علينا أن نتجند الآن لخدمة الأهالي والأيتام والمصابين دون انتظار المساعدات الخارجية.

In case you missed it:
River to Sea Uprooted Palestinian   
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